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Glass Food Container

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Glass Food Container

What is high borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (≈3 × 10−6 K−1 at 20 °C), making them resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass.

Why is borosilicate glass food container better?

Borosilicate glass is much more resistant to thermal shock. Borosilicate glass has a very low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) whereas soda lime glass has a very high CTE. It's for this reason that all quality cookware is made from borosilicate glass.

Is borosilicate glass container safe for drinking?

It's better for you. Since borosilicate glass resists chemicals and acid degradation, you don't need to worry about stuff seeping into your water. It's always safe to drinkfrom. You can put it in the dishwasher, put it in the microwave, use it to store hot liquids or leave it out in the sun.

Is borosilicate glass container BPA free?

While Borosilicate is far more durable and resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass, it is glass so breakage is still a possibility. ... Borosilicate glass is hypoallergenic, lead-free and unlike a plastic straw, it is BPA-free.

Is borosilicate glass food container safe or toxic?

Borosilicate glass food container has a melting point of 1648 C, so nothing will happen to its composition when heated to a mere 210 C. 

Glass Food Container

Borosilicate glass was first developed by the German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century. Otto Schott was also the founder of today's Schott AG, which has sold borosilicate glass later under the brand name DURAN. As part of an equity carve-out in 2005, the DURAN Group was founded and the manufacture of Duran was transferred to it. After Corning Glass Works introduced Pyrex in 1915, the name became synonymous for borosilicate glass in the English-speaking world (though, in reality, a sizable portion of the glass produced under the Pyrex brand has also been made of soda-lime glass since the 1940's). However, borosilicate glass is the name of a glass family with various members tailored to completely different purposes. Most common today is borosilicate 3.3 glass such as Duran, International Cookware's NIPRO BSA 60, and BSC 51.

In addition to quartz, sodium carbonate, and aluminium oxide traditionally used in glassmaking, boron is used in the manufacture of borosilicate glass. The composition of low-expansion borosilicate glass, such as those laboratory glasses mentioned above, is approximately 80% silica, 13% boric oxide, 4% sodium oxide and 2–3% aluminium oxide. Though more difficult to make than traditional glass due to the high melting temperature required, it is economical to produce. Its superior durability, chemical and heat resistance finds use in chemical laboratory equipment, cookware(glass food container, glass jars, glass baking dish), lighting, and in certain kinds of windows.

Glass Food Container

Glass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food Container

JNB 140

Volume: 140 (ml)

Size: 101X101X52 (mm)

JNB 310

Volume: 310 (ml)

Size: 121X121X58 (mm)

JNB 530

Volume: 530 (ml)

Size: 137X137X64 (mm)

JNB 800

Volume: 800 (ml)

Size: 161X161X69 (mm)

JNB 1100

Volume: 1100 (ml)

Size: 185X185X75 (mm)

Glass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food Container

JNB 180

Volume: 180 (ml)

Size: 127X89X50 (mm)

JNB 370

Volume: 370 (ml)

Size: 153X112X58 (mm)

JNB 630

Volume: 630 (ml)

Size: 176X132X64 (mm)

JNB 1040

Volume: 1040 (ml)

Size: 207X154X70 (mm)

JNB 1500

Volume: 1500 (ml)

Size: 230X175X76 (mm)

Glass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food Container

JNB 200

Volume: 200 (ml)

Size: Ф 115X56 (mm)

JNB 390

Volume: 390 (ml)

Size: Ф 137X63 (mm)

JNB 640

Volume: 640 (ml)

Size: Ф 158X70 (mm)

JNB 970

Volume: 970 (ml)

Size: Ф 180X76 (mm)

JNB 1300

Volume: 1300 (ml)

Size: Ф 205X82 (mm)

Glass Food Container


If you are looking for a thoughtful gift, you have found the winner with our premium Food Containers Meal Prep Glass Set! They include different fifteen sizes for more portion control and storage options. Plus, each container is Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher-Safe, and stackable in your fridge or pantry.

Glass Food Container
Glass Food Container


You don’t have time for unnecessary spills and messes, and that’s why we designed our deluxe glass food storage containers with an innovative air-tight seal and 4-sided locking lids to prevent any liquids or juices from leaking out— guaranteed!

Jingnuo glass food containers with snap locking lids are airtight,no spill that ensure your food will last much fresher than normal plastic containers.The snap locking system forms an airtight and watertight seal,never food spilling over again. And in order to prevent the silicone strip from sticking to the glass containers,please do not remove the anti-adhesive film and clean the lids and the glass containers before using.

If you are not satisfied with your products or receive cracked products,please contact our company. We will provide the best solution to refund or resend within 24 hours.


Jingnuo glass food containers are oven safe over to 700℉, you can use them for freezer storage,microwave(not the lids)and dishwasher. Easy to use and easy to clean. It's safe to wash the lids in the dishwasher, but high temperatures over a long period of time can deform the silicone sealing strip at the edge of the lid. Please wash the lids by hand as much as possible.

Jingnuo glass containers will be a good helper for serving your everyday food storage needs,not only are these good for dry foods but also our glass containers are great for holding liquids such as juice,Soup and more.you can use them over and over again,save your money,your time,it's easy.

Glass Food Container
Glass Food Container

Temperature Range & Structural Integrity due to Low Thermal Expansion

Borosilicate glass’ strong resistance to temperature makes it desirable in chemical and pharmaceutical processes.  The maximum permissible operating temperature for QVF borosilicate glass is 200°C (due to limiting factors such as PTFE gaskets). Above a temperature of 525°C the glass begins to soften and above a temperature of 860°C it changes to the liquid state.  Conversely, it can be cooled down to the maximum possible negative temperature, but is generally recommended for use down to – 80°C.  An additional benefit within temperature allowance is the ability for borosilicate glass to be exposed to two different temperatures at the same time (though for safety reasons it is recommended that temperature difference does not exceed 100 K).


Our glass containers include 3 different types and 15 sizes:Rectangle container: 1x140ml,1x310ml,1x530ml,1x800ml,1x1100ml Square container: 1x180ml,1x370ml,1x630ml,1x1040ml,1x1500ml Round container: 1x200ml,1x390ml,1x640ml, 1x970ml, 1x1300ml The glass containers are versatile,perfect for a variety of occasions and events:gym,leftovers,picnic,portion control,work lunches,travel,and more.

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container

SpecificationsHeat-resistant glassTempered glassSoda-lime glass
Main ConstituentsSiO2, B2O3, Al2O3SiO2, Na2O, CaOSiO2, Na2O, CaO
StructureHigh borosilicate glassTempered soda-lime glassSoda-lime glass
Main Features

Low coefficient of thermal expansion;

Excellent heat-resistant performance;

Safety used in oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

Heating and tempering the glass to form strong thermal stress which can improve the mechanical strength and safety performance in lower temperature.



Low cost.

Main Applications

Kitchen bakeware;

Laboratory glassware;

High-temperature industry instrument.

Vehicles windscreen and window, building glass, kitchen glassware used in low temperature.Glass artware, kitchen glasssware used in low temperature.
Microwave UseOKCaution (having the risk of spontaneous explosion, please confirm the range of application and use carefully).NO

ISO 9001OHSAS 18001ISO 14001
ISO 15378ISO 17025GB/T 23331
Glass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food Container
Glass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food Container
Glass Food ContainerGlass Food ContainerGlass Food Container
Glass Food Container

Glass Food Container


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